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The Tabletop Maharishi Vedic ObservatoryTM

With your own personal tabletop Maharishi Vedic Observatory, you can now own the benefit of all the Laws of Nature. Align your awareness with the expression of all the Laws of Nature in the universe and enjoy all possibilities in life.

With the tabletop Maharishi Vedic Observatory you can now bring the wisdom of this ancient Vedic knowledge into your home. The Maharishi Vedic Observatory can be located in any room in your home or office. For buildings built according to Maharishi Sthapatya VedaSM design, the Maharishi Vedic Observatory is prescribed to be located in the brahmasthan or center area of the building. The brahmasthan is the area of the building where silence is kept lively, and the homeowner's awareness is established in space and time with reference to the entire universe.

The Maharishi Vedic Observatory is handfinished to the highest standards. Each handcast instrument is carefully created with the utmost care and precision. Many hours of devoted craftmanship go into the production of this high quality work of art that will provide years of rewarding experience and pleasure for you and your family.

The tabletop Maharishi Vedic Observatory comes with a custom built, beautifully crafted maple table which includes a museum quality domed display cover. The Observatory is 40" x 40" wide and comes in two heights -- 15" or 29". The shorter 15" high version is designed for sitting areas, whereas the taller 29" high version is designed for where people will be viewing the Observatory from a standing position--such as in a lobby,
entryway, or an office.

* $3,500 plus shipping, handling, and any applicable taxes.


Maharishi Vedic Observatory Photograph

Professional quality full color photograph (as seen on the Home page).

* 16" x 20" - $49 plus s/h
* 11" x 14" - $29 plus s/h.


Maharishi Vedic Observatory Booklet

(Contains the information on this website)
Learn about the knowledge and purpose of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory in this beautiful full color booklet. Maharishi's profound insights into the use and benefit of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory is presented as well as pictures of the instruments and descriptions of their functions.

* $18 plus s/h




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