Bowl Instrument-Circle Instrument

Chakra Yantra-Kapali Yantra


These instruments display the complete structure of the sky and the movement of the stars around the Earth.


CHAKRA YANTRA--Circle Instrument

This instrument consists of a circular ring mounted between two pillars. The circle rotates between the two pillars at an angle parallel to the Earth's polar axis. Mounted on the ring at the center is a movable bar that is used to point to the desired celestial object in the sky. In a larger example of this instrument, the movable bar would be a sighting tube.

The circle is marked for degrees of declination. A plate located at the southern base of the circle is marked for hour angles.1 By moving the circle so that the shadow of the circle becomes a straight line, the time of day can be ascertained. By rotating the bar until the light of the Sun shines directly down it and its shadow is minimum, the declination of the Sun can be determined.

1 The east--west angle of the Sun with relation to one's position on Earth. Solar noon is when the Sun is directly overhead. Solar time differs from local standard time depending on one's location in the time zone, daylight savings, and whether the Earth is nearer to or farther away from the Sun (due to its elliptical orbit).


KAPALI YANTRA--Bowl Instrument

In the same location as the Chakra Yantras are the Kapali Yantras, which consist of two separate bowls. The Western Kapali (the one with the post in its center) is a solid bowl representing a reflection of the dome of the sky. The horizontal ring on the top edge of the bowl represents the horizon. The bowl contains lines relating to different coordinate systems of the celestial sphere. It can determine altitude, azimuth, the local solar time of day, the summer and winter solstice, the spring and autumn equinox, and the rising zodiac sign of the Sun.

The Eastern Kapali is a solid bowl that displays the celestial sphere in a rotated position to illustrate the full path of the Sun over the course of a year.


Observing the Chakra and Kapali Yantras locates the silent witnessing value of Pure Consciousness from the point value of one's individual awareness. In a very natural way, the unbounded wholeness of Pure Consciousness becomes more acutely and intelligently expressed in one's awareness even while the point value remains in the awareness. Silence is located from the point of activity; the uninvolved holistic value of Pure Consciousness is located from activity.

Observing these yantras establishes the silent witnessing quality of the unmanifest unbounded value of Pure Consciousness in one's individual awareness along with activity. The Chakra Yantras enliven Pure Knowledge in one's awareness, and the Kapali Yantras enliven the organizing power of Pure Knowledge. The Åtmå (Self) becomes established on the specificity of the Veda.

On a physiological level, observing the Chakra and Kapali Yantras is said to enliven the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for integrating and unifying our conscious experience.

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