DAKSHINOVRITTI YANTRA: Meridian Wall Instrument

Dakshinovritti Yantra


This instrument displays the local meridian and the directional move of the sky and is a complementary instrument to the Samrat Yantra.

This instrument has two vertical walls parallel to each other that are aligned directly north--south, parallel with the plane of the local meridian. The eastern and western sides of this instrument contain two instruments for measuring the altitude of the Sun at solar noon (when the Sun is highest in the sky). As the Sun passes the meridian directly overhead, a shadow is cast by the pegs along the entire length of the wall. Simply by noting where the shadow crosses the scale, one can determine the altitude of the Sun. The markings in the hollow space follow the movement of the Sun's shadow one degree at a time as the Sun approaches and passes solar noon and also indicate the rising Zodiac Sign of the Sun.


Viewing this instrument aligns the thalamus1 with three times of the day: horizontally at the rising time of the Sun, vertically at solar noon when the Sun is directly overhead, and again horizontally at sunset. The precision of the Sun, displayed at those times of the day, is instilled and enlivened in the thalamus through viewing this instrument. The process of observing this instrument is said to remove or disallow any influence that may shadow this direct connection between the thalamus and its cosmic counterpart, the Sun. It moves the individual into more complete coordination with the Sun and its all-nourishing value to life.

1 A structure inside the brain whose cosmic counterpart is the Sun-described in the book Human Physiology, Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature: Modern Science and Ancient Vedic Science Discover the Fabrics of Immortality in the Human Physiology, by Dr. Tony Nader, published by Maharishi Vedic University, Vlodrop, the Netherlands. Please refer to Discovery of Veda in Human Physiology on page 25.


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