RAM YANTRA: Altitude/Azimuth Instrument

Ram Yantra


These two complementary instruments display the movement of the Sun from the standpoint of the location of the individual on the Earth.

Wherever one Ram Yantra has solid portions, the other has open spaces. While one instrument shows the shadow cast by the top of the central post, the other instrument does not register a shadow. These instruments are used alternately as the Sun moves across the sky. The base of the central post represents the zenith point, and the ring on top of the vertical columns represents the horizon line. These instruments determine the altitude and azimuth of the Sun. Locating the end of the shadow of the central post on the interior surface of the instrument yields the coordinates of the Sun in altitude and azimuth.


The two Ram Yantras display fullness on the move: Purnamadah-Purnamidam. Fullness on the move is what generates different aspects of physiology. Total Intelligence on the move means total Natural Law or potential Natural Law becoming livelier and appearing as specific Laws of Nature, which are then expressed as the physiological structures. Both the common basis of all the specific physiological structures, the nonspecific ocean of Intelligence, and the specific physiological structures become lively through observing the Ram Yantra. The use of the Ram Yantra will put together these two aspects-manifest and unmanifest-and will also enliven the process of transformation from unmanifest to manifest. Viewing the Ram Yantras enlivens this process of creation located in the physiology where Intelligence begins to express itself and assume different forms.

The use of these two Ram Yantras can be taken to touch the horizon of unity consciousness-a quiet influence of unfolding the supreme reality, which is manifest and unmanifest (solid and hollow) both at the same time.

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