The purpose of the Maharishi Vedic ObservatoryTM is to see the alignment that exists in the cosmos and to bring it onto the sensory level. See the alignment and then connect the sensory level with the intellectual level--connect the gross expression of Natural Law with the subtler expression and eventually connect it with the Transcendent, with Pure Consciousness. The Maharishi Vedic Observatory brings out the inner intelligence of the individual through the intellect, mind, senses, and behavior--and takes it to the level of cosmic behavior. The observer locates himself with reference to his counterparts in the heavens.

With the Maharishi Vedic Observatory, you observe your Self and your creation. Inside you are unbounded, you are intellect, you are mind--and outside are the senses, behavior, and your behavior with the cosmos. You observe your own Self multiplied in many, and your Self secured in your self-referral state--unbounded, unmanifest. The net result is that the inner unmanifest and the outer manifest are observed and balance is upheld by awareness. The Vedic Observatory serves to awaken the awareness to reality. When the awareness is awake, Natural Law becomes enlivened. With Natural Law becoming enlivened, its infinite organizing power awakens.

Yatinam Brahma bhavati sarathih-- For those who are established in the singularity of fully awake, self-referral consciousness, Brahma the Creator--the infinite organizing power of Natural Law--becomes the charioteer of all activity.

Spontaneously, action emerges more in accordance with Natural Law--the intellect, mind, and senses spontaneously begin to behave more according to Natural Law. This is the rise of Veda in one's individual awareness and life; this is the purpose of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory. The Observatory is just the replica of the inner world of laws.

The overall effect of the Observatory will be to observe yourself in the unboundedness of your own self-referral Atma (Self) and to observe yourself with reference to the expression of Atma, the universe. So the purpose of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory is to gain balance and to rise to enlightenment--and enlightenment will mean inner unmanifest unbounded and outer manifest unbounded.


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"If you are alert, every structure will whisper to you and open in your awareness the hidden talents of your own potentiality, the hidden creativity in your own awareness."--Maharishi



The purpose of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory is to gain balance and to rise to enlightenment.


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